Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012

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Happy Sunday!  One more shopping day until Christmas, are you all ready?  The only shopping we have left to do is groceries for my Christmas dinner, and Jack will do that for me this evening.  As for Santa gifts, I do all my shopping online, thank you very much.  I can not even begin to fathom shopping at the stores with all the crowds.  Jack prefers that, but why spend hours looking for something specific, that in a small city like Boise you are unlikely to find, when with one click of the mouse you get the size, color and style you want delivered to your front door?  Thank you online shopping!  And thank you UPS!

Blake and I have decided to go Italian with Christmas dinner.  I found a great recipe for lasagna online, and am going to make it from scratch.  Along with a nice tasty salad with lots of olives, some buttery garlic bread, spinach artichoke dip, and for desert, some of mom's orange slice cake.  I think it will be a delicious and different Christmas meal.  Son Brandon and grandson Cooper will be stopping by for lunch on Christmas day, so that makes me very happy.

Garrett and Kori left for Sun Valley today, so they won't be here.  I am sad, as this will be the first Christmas without Garrett, but happy that he is spending it with his honey.  He is so sweet, he kept asking me "Are you sure it is okay that I go?"  I know they will have an awesome time in that gorgeous snow-covered paradise in the mountains.  They will be back after New Years, so I will plan a Christmas/New Years dinner for them the weekend after they get home.  Supra, Garrett's Great Dane, will be staying home with us.  Garrett told me he wanted to video chat with Supra while he is gone.  lol :)

They just called me from the road to tell me they are driving through a blizzard.  I will be a nervous wreck until they call to let me know they have arrived safely.  Lord, please keep my babies safe.  <3

**Update**  Garrett and Kori made it!  Took almost seven hours though...this is a 2 hour 50 min journey on a good day.  They got caught in a blizzard, and the car could not make it up one of the mountain passes so they had to double back to the highway.  Crazy kids.  But thank God they are safe!!  <3

**Update, Update***  I should have said "almost" home.  At least they are on the property.  According to Kori's mom they may have to walk it in the rest of the way, but close enough.  :)  What a long day!

Hope your Christmas plans are coming together nicely.

 Eldest son Garrett, and his sweetheart Kori.  Of course I made them stop for a picture before they left.  <3
 My sweethearts!  I love them so much.  :)

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