Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012

My 365...

Yesterday was such a perfect day.  My dinner turned out great, I got to see all the people I love and cherish, met a new friend, "Hi Aric!" ... played with my grandson, and enjoyed the company of a warm and loving family.

The day ended with a nice gentle snow fall, so yes, we did have a White Christmas!

The only thing that would have made yesterday even better would have been having Garrett and Kori home with us.  But that is okay, that means I get to plan and prepare Christmas Dinner part two for them when they come home after new Years.  Garrett has called me every day he has been gone to check in on us and Supra.  He is such an amazing son.

Today has been a peaceful, relaxing day.  Blake has spent the day doing what he loves, playing video games with daddy.  <3  I pretty much relaxed the entire day.  No work, no worries about anything.  It was awesome.  I did get some amazing news though!  The kind of news that makes me "SQUEEEEEEEEEAL" with joy!!!  I can't share the details of my news, as it is not my news to share, but I want to go on record as saying that it made my heart VERY happy, and brought a few tears to my eyes.  Good news is always a welcomed thing in our world.  Life is good that way!  So although I can not tell you what the news is, (you know I would if I could but I can't), I can tell you that it is happy awesome news.  :)

Two random observations I will add...

1.  Having lasagna for Christmas dinner is great, because there is nothing more delcious than cold lasagna for breakfast the next day!

2.  Apple ear buds are way too big for the normal every day ear need to fix that Apple.

I am off to enjoy the rest of my lazy day.  Happy Day after Christmas planet.  Hope your day has been great.

 A snowy day in the Boise valley.  The mountains are hiding behind the clouds.
 Blake is having a "Snuggie" kind of day.
 ***Doggy Daily***
"What?  No more presents?"
Music I am listening to today...Eric Tingstad , Roses for Jessie

Random Link of the Day...Peppermint Slutty Brownies

The Daily V...

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