Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

My 365...

Happy Halloween!

I asked Blake if he wanted to go Trick-o-Treating tonight.  Up until today it was "Naw...that is boring."  This afternoon it was a resounding "Yes!  Duh mom, free candy."  :)

"What are you going to dress up as?"

"I will figure something out."

No need to purchase a brand new shiny costume as Blake saves all of his old ones.  May I present.....Blake the "almost" teenage sk8ter grim reaper dude with an epic vampire cape of doom.  How cool is he?  I would say "way" epic cool!  I am happy because it is going to be 35 degrees tonight and I won't have to worry about frostbitten extremities.

Casey, although he is 16, will no doubt partake in a little Trick-O-Treating as well.  Teenagers never say no to free candy.  Heck the last time I went Trick-o-Treating I was a freshman in college.

Casey will throw together a last minute Halloween costume of epic-ness as well.  It should be a fun night!  For his trick today...he switched the nobs on the dryer and we could not figure out how to start it.  LOL.

And for baby Cooper's first do you dress a baby warm enough for a freezing night?  You put him in a Christmas stocking!
 His mommy Amber came up with a brilliant costume!
**Edited to Add**

"I am not sure what all of this is grandma, but it looks like fun!"
 "Oh glorious candy!"

My photos of the day...

Blake attending his morning math class with Miss Lilly.
*gasp* I spy scare-crows...are you scared?
*** Doggy Daily ***

"What will you be for Halloween Miss Lilly?  You look a bit like Little Red Riding Hood's sweet grandmother."
"Oh my grandmother, what big eyes you have!"

Music I am listening to today...Tracy Chapman

Random Link of the Day...Happy Halloween!

Until next time..."There is no greater gift than waking up every morning feeling 99.999% inspired about life.  Yep, that is me."

Be safe tonight!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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