Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

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Today is officially the last day of winter.  This means that tomorrow is the first day of spring!  Yay.

I do love winter, but I must confess, I am not sad to see it exit stage left.  I have always said that the fall is my favorite season, followed by winter.  Then spring arrives and I realize that there is no better season than the spring.  Especially here in Idaho.  We have the most beautiful seasons, and spring never disappoints. Clear skies, cool breezy days, and so much green!  Actually, there is only one aspect of spring that I dislike. And that is goose poop.  Oh my hannah montana, the goose poop is everywhere!

Summer still sucks.  :P

Hope your last day of winter was delightful.

Welcome to spring!

Until next time...
"Why am I in a backpack, hanging on the front door you ask?"
"Winter is over.  This means mama is going to start going on biking adventures.  This year I will stow-a-way in her backpack so she can't leave me behind!"

"Now, can someone please assist me in the removal of my person from this backpack of doom?  I don't think I thought this one through."

"Hello?  Hello?  Anyone?"

Music I am listening to today...Ellie Goulding, Burn 

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