Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014

My 365...

I am having such a good day today.  I am still sick, which sucks just a little bit, but everything else is right with my world.  It has been wonderful being able to rest, and not stress about anything or anyone.  I make a list of what I need to accomplish for the day, insist to the cosmos that everything will go just the way I need it to go, then I get it done.  Yay!  Positive thinking goes a LONG way.

Then I am able to relax, enjoy the quiet while Blake is at school and the boys are out doing their thing.  Don't get me wrong, I love being with my family, but it can be overwhelming at times.  Lately, I can read, I can listen to music, and I can exhale.  I love it.  Retirement has been a good thing for me.  :)

The weather has been so beautiful this week too.  Still too chilly to go out and ride my bike.  I am a little worried about my first bike ride as my bones are still complaining, but I am not ready to give that up just yet. My remission is still missing in action, but I have not given up hope that it is a temporary affliction.  At least all the windows are open, and the fresh air is flowing.

The plan for tomorrow...researching Obamacare, checking with the IRS for my refund, scheduling dentist and vision appointments for Blake...followed by lots of rest and relaxation.  I have to pace myself after

Hope all is well in your world today everyone.

Until next time...
The "king of stink"...that is my Dozer.  No matter how much I brush him and "try" to keep him clean, he immediately runs outside and rolls in poop.  It is what he does...silly old fart.  But I love him.  He is an amazing senior citizen doggy.  I am bound and determined to get him bathed this week, and give him a nice pedicure.  He does not mind it when I trim his nails, but I hardly have the strength in my hands to do it anymore.  I will have to get one of the boys to help me.

I have to keep him banished to the kitchen area, which I hate doing, but until he can be thoroughly deodorized, it will have to do.  I let him come up to my room today to hang out, but after a few minutes...well let's just say I needed to Febreze the area.  He reminds me of the character "Pig Pen" from Charlie brown...  

He did enjoy a fun romp with Garrett.  He is over 10 years old now, but still loves to run and play like a little puppy.

Dozer hugs!
 Watching the world go by.

Music I am listening to today...Oh Glee, last night's episode had so many feels!  The final number with all the Finn scenes had be bawling like a baby.  RIP Cory Monteith.  


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