Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014

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Here come the April showers.  It has been raining most of the day.  Chilly and raining.  Yay for the flowers, not so "yay" for biking adventures.  *pout*

My daughter-in-law Amber called this afternoon to say that she was going to be in town, and she could pick Blake up if he wanted to spend the rest of his Spring Break in Nampa.  Blake "LOVES" spending time in Nampa with his brother Brandon, Amber and my grandchildren Cooper and Penny.  But he also hates leaving me alone...silly guy, he is so sweet.  So I told him that since it is raining, and we probably can't go adventuring anyway, he should go to Nampa and have fun.

Before he left, he made me install Skype on my tablet so that he could Skype me from his tablet. Oh lawdy, this means he is going to drive me crazy with Skype!  But I did it, and we tested it out before he left.

My boys are so silly over protective of me.  I love them for that, but I am going to enjoy a few quiet days of reading, movies, rest and relaxation.  I know, terrible isn't it?  "Thank you Amber!"  Who has the best daughter-in-law on the planet?  I do.  :)

Note to my future self:  "Future self, it is okay to spend a few days sans children.  It is good for you."

Until next time...
Spring = rain showers.  
"Okay mom, this is Skype..."
"...when I call, you better answer young lady."
"Hello?  I said answer!!!"
"Bye mama."
"Rest and relaxation you say mom?  Yeah no...I will still be here to drive you crazy."

Music I am listening to today...Joe Walsh, Rocky Mountain Way

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