Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

My 365...

Hello world.  Everything is back to normal in my home, and that makes me very happy.

I am still sick though.  I woke up this morning with fever added to all my other symptoms.  I can't breathe at night, so I am not sleeping at all.  I can't sleep during the day, as I have so much to do.  Hold on, give me just a second here so I can give myself a quick pity party......@)(*$#&^@!......okay, I am over it.  :)

I have been doing all the right things.  Lots of rest and vitamin C, but this cold will not exit stage left.  *blech* The boys are better though, so that is a good thing.  I will be patient.  Things could be much worse.

I received a call this afternoon from the second oral surgeon, Dr. A., who was "supposed" to perform Casey's wisdom teeth extractions months ago.  They failed to properly submit request for insurance authorization, and it almost cost Casey the jaw surgery.  Fortunately, Dr. G took care of everything and the jaw surgery went off without any problems.  Thank you Dr. G.  Dr. A's office called me today to tell me that his wisdom teeth extraction has been approved by the insurance company (after I filed two appeals...a month ago), and we need to schedule the procedure.  First of all, Casey just went through major jaw surgery, there is NO WAY I am putting him through wisdom teeth extraction.  Secondly, Casey's insurance ended on February 28th.  *rolling my eyes here*  Therefore I must ask, how is the insurance supposed to cover a very expensive oral surgical procedure, when the patient no longer has coverage by said insurance company?  Hmmm?  Oye vey.

Hope you had an amazing day planet!

Until next time...

Casey and his best friend Ducati.
Blake and his little diva, Miss Lilly.  Actually, the perfect picture would be Blake with Dozer, Supra, Ducati and Miss Lilly.  You see, Blake is the dog whisperer up in here.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Steve Winwood, Can't Find My Way Home

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