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March 7, 2013

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Blake came home from school today very upset.  A boy asked him if he could borrow his cell phone, then when Blake asked for it back, the boy said he did not have it.  Blake knew this boy had his cell phone, but the boy took off and left Blake standing there.

I immediately reached out to this boy and every person on his Facebook friend's list with the same last name. I figured there had to be a parent in the mix somewhere.  I logged on to the cell phone website, disabled Blake's cell phone, then checked the phone record.  I picked up my phone and called the last number called on Blake's cell phone record list.  Sure enough, it was this boy's mother.

I explained to her what had transpired.  She said she would talk to her son and call me back.  I waited. When she did call me back, she told me her son claims he dropped the phone, then he does not know what happened to it after that.  Who knows what happened to the phone?  *sigh*

The phone will be replaced, and Blake will be fine.  As for the boy, "if" he took the phone, I feel very sorry for him.  In what sort of an environment is a child raised, where he thinks it is okay to lie, cheat and steal...and not think twice about it?  *shaking my head*  Poor kid.  This is one of those "Oh sheesh, my hands are tied behind my back, there is nothing I can do"...sort of moments.  I hate those.

I also took the opportunity to say to Blake, "About that iPhone you have been begging me for?"

I will say this, when Blake walked through the front door as upset as he was, Casey leaped to his feet and was half-way out the door, ready to kick some serious butt if someone had made the grievous error of messing with his little brother. His daddy and I were not far behind.  However, I reeled everyone back in, myself included, so we could take a deep breath and proceed calmly.  For about 45 seconds though, there was some serious crazy up in here! Nobody messes with our Blake!  "Rawrrrr!"  Had Garrett been home he would have calmed us down too.

I love the dynamic of this family.  We make each other crazy at times, but when something goes wrong, we are one united front.  *love*

Have a great weekend planet!  I know we plan on doing just that.  :)

Until next time...
My Little Piggy Pocket Charm came in the mail today.  Isn't he magical?
This little Piggy is unique, 
and that's not all.  
With just three legs to stand upon,
you'd think that he would fall.
Instead he brings good fortune
to all that hold him near.
Keep him close for lots of luck,
happiness, and good cheer.  

Beautiful view from my window this afternoon.

Music I am listening to today...Kodaline, All I Want

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