Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

This morning, my Facebook news feed is riddled in irony.  I see posts from people that read..."Pray for me, pray for my family, pray for my dog.  God is good"...etc...etc...etc...

Yes, He is.  :)

Right next to these posts, I am reading opinions from these same people on the border crisis, the wars in the middle east, and other current world issues, that include words of hate and judgement.  Clearly lacking empathy and compassion from the same individuals spewing their love of God.  And I have to wonder...what is their truth?

You either believe in God or you don't.  And if you do, when it comes to all the crisis in the world today, all you have to ask yourself is "What would Jesus do?"  You know Jesus don't you?  That man you keep asking everyone to pray to to help you through all your life's worries and woes.

I doubt seriously He would be asking you to provide proof of your citizenship before He listened to your prayers.  I doubt seriously He would be asking you your political affiliation, or in which faith you worshiped. And  I doubt seriously He would be blaming it all on Obama.

We need to stop concentrating on blame, and start concentrating on solutions. I don't understand how anyone can look at the face of an innocent child on the news and feel anything other than love and compassion.  These are not political crises, these are humanitarian crises.  So why don't we all behave like humans?

Come on planet, break it down to the basics.  Love thy neighbor as you would expect to be loved yourself.

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