Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Happy Friday everyone!  Happy...OH MY HELL IT IS SO HOT  The weatherman said the high today was 99°f, but I say nay nay.  I would guess that it was 99°f in the shade.  It has been so hot today that when anyone says, "Give me a hug mama..." I respond with "NO!" When mama says "keep your hugs to yourself," something is not right with the planet.  Again I say, summer you suck.

Garrett and Casey have been outside installing new speakers in Casey's car today, and I have no idea how they have not passed out.  I went outside to check on their project, and just about died.  *sigh*  Autumn can't get here soon enough.

All this week I have been waiting excitedly for a new camera lens I ordered on Ebay.  My 75-300mm lens made an unfortunate tumble out of my camera bag last summer, so the auto focus no longer focuses.  When I saw a brand new Canon 75-300mm lens on Ebay, brand new in the box, for $100, I had to have it.  The seller has stellar reviews, so I figured I was safe.

The lens arrived this afternoon, and just as promised, looks brand new.  It is a beautiful lens.  However, it does not work.  It shows a lens error on my T3, the D50 and the D20.  Dagnabit!  Argh!!  I was so excited to use it this weekend.  Oh well, poop.  I also received a lens hood and a shutter remote control that works perfectly, so I still have new toys to play with.

Have an amazing weekend planet.

My 365...
Staying inside where it is nice and cool.
 This is going to be an X-Box weekend for sure.

 Such a lovely bookend.  *sad*  Back to the seller it goes.
 At least these two new toys worked fine.

Music I am listening to today...Lee DeWyze, Fight

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