Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Mama had a dream.  Uh know what that means?  Mama has a plan!  And I do.  I think you will all approve.

In January, Brandon and Amber took me to McCall Idaho.  We stayed in an adorable RV campground in the mountains.  There was a central lodge surrounded by little cabins.  The little cabins were perfect little three bedroom homes with full kitchen and bath.  They were awesome, and it was heaven.  Perfectly in line with my dream home, which would be small living space...huge view.

In less than three years, daddy will be retiring.  At that time, we will have access to a pretty substantial nest egg.  Initially, I thought that daddy and I might travel, buy a small house in the mountains, and retire comfortably.  But now I have decided to build our family village.  I picture a few acres of land between Boise and McCall or Stanley.  On this land we will have our main house, and all around the main house, little cabins.  One for each one of my sons, and one for me.  The boys will be involved in building their own spaces with their own hands.  No labor costs involved.  In the main house we will offer our services to the community. Everyone can finally have their dream.  Amber and Brandon will have their bakery and restaurant, Garrett will have his photography studio, Casey can work on his auto restorations, Blake can raise and breed dogs, and daddy and I can do whatever hobby makes us happy.  It will be our legacy to our children, and their children and on and on and on.

We will have chickens, a beautiful garden, half a dozen Great Danes and Great Pyrenees, solar panels and of course satellite Internet.  Can't live without satellite Internet ya know.

When I first mentioned my idea to Garrett, he looked at me funny and laughed.  After a very short discussion, and the realization that I am serious, he was definitely on board with the idea.  Everyone knows that once I put my mind to something, I make it so.  I have lived my entire life fulfilling my dreams.  Often I jump...then build my wings on the way down, but at least I take that first step.  After all, we only have one life to live.  You have to live your dreams.

Garrett and I discussed documenting the entire process, and making a movie or writing a book about the building of our little village.  After all, maybe someday you will want a family village of your own.

Mark my words family, we will do this, and it will be amazing!!

"Amber honey, we better start planning now, my queen of the planning committee."  :)

I am so excited!!

Hope your weekend is going great planet.

Until next time...

My 365...
Casey stopped by to introduce me to his new friend Mariyah.  
 Very sweet young lady.  :)
And I decided to update my Facebook profile picture today, since my current one is over a year old.  Today was mama selfie day.  lol :)

 My little diva.  The best little canine friend in the world, Miss Lilly.

Music I am listening to today...James Vincent McMorrow, We Don't Eat

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