Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

I enjoyed a delightfully long visit with my son Brandon and my precious grandchildren Cooper and Penny.  It has only been since April since I have seen them last, but to Blake and I, it felt like forever!

Cooper ran into the house and into my arms with a big hug and kiss.  He was just as excited to see me as I was him.  Penny took a little longer.  She walked into my room, squatted down, and just stared at me for several minutes.  I could see in her beautiful eyes that she knew who I was, but was not quite sure.  After she gave me a huge smile, she let me pull her into my arms for a great big grandma hug.  She even put her little head down on my shoulder for a sweet Penny snuggle.

These two children are the most brilliant little spirits I have ever met, truly, they are.  I could sit and listen to Cooper talk for hours.  He is a genius!  Little miss Penny can command a room with her bright blue eyes, and her heart-melting smile.  Oh my goodness she is such a sweet little love bug, she truly is.  At one point I said to Penny, "Come here my little sweetheart" and Cooper crawled on to my lap and said, "Penny is not your little sweetheart grandma, I am."  Awwwww.  *love*

Our evening was just about winding down, when uncle Garrett walked through the door.  He was so excited to see Cooper and Penny.  Even though he had been working hard all day, he could not wait to have some playtime with his nephew and niece.  He and Cooper enjoyed a fun, live, game of Pokemon.  Cooper called out all these fantastic names of his Pokemons, while Garrett named his Pokemon, "Parmesan Cheese" and they chased each other around the house.  LOL, only uncle Garrett could think up a name that hilarious.

We truly enjoyed our visit.  I loved watching my son Brandon being the most amazing father on the planet. He truly is wonderful.  Amber stopped by for her dinner break as well, and it was great getting to catch up with her as well.  She looked beautiful as always.  Towards the end of the evening, uncle Casey came home, and little Penny was happy to see uncle Casey too.

Life has been a little challenging from me since April.  I have not been myself at all, and my health has been a challenge.  Having all my family here with me was the boost I needed.  Thank you God for my wonderful family, and thank you Garrett, Brandon, Amber, Casey, Blake, Cooper and Penny for being the best family a mama could ever hope for.  I love you all. :)

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July 22, 2014  11:45pm.  Blake and I were outside enjoying a lightning show...until one bolt got too close for comfort.  I got some awesome shots though.  :)


My precious family.  My son Brandon has the most amazing hair on the planet.  
 Silly little Cooper.  Every time he spied the camera, he gave grandma a goofy face.
 My little sunshine girl.  :)
 Silly Cooper.
 Playing some Nintendo together.
 Smiles for grandma!
 Father and son.
 Sweet baby girl.
 My handsome guys.
  Penny playing some Minecraft with uncle Blake.

Music I am listening to today...Green River Ordinance, Flying

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