Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Happy weekend everyone.  Looks like mama is going to have a very quiet weekend.  Blake has been invited by my grandson Cooper to go to Nampa for the weekend.  Blake loves spending time with his big brother Brandon, and sis Amber.  School will be starting soon, so this is the perfect weekend to spend with them. Garrett is probably going to be working all weekend, Casey only comes home to sleep...he is 19 ya know...and Jack is working this weekend too.  Oh my goodness, two solid days of peace and quiet? I declare, whatever shall I do?  Sounds dreadful...said no one ever.  *grin*  Oh who am I kidding, I will miss the heck out of my youngest son.  Life is too quiet when he is not around.

It is funny to watch Blake pack for a two day vacation.  Anyone would think he was permanently moving out.  The shoes have to match the hat, which have to match the shirt.  He can be such a diva about color coordination...just like his big brothers.  Then there are the electronic devices.  He has to take his Galaxy-Tab 10.1 so that he can check his Facebook, and Skype with mama.  His 3DS so he can play Nintendo with Cooper and Brandon, and of course the XBox, just in case he runs out of games to play.  He would pack up his computer if I let him.  He would probably take Dozer and Miss Lilly too.  Like I is like he moving out.  Silly Blake.  :)

We did enjoy another gorgeous day in Boise today.  I really wish I could put a freeze frame on the weather yesterday and today.  It has been so perfect.

Hope your Friday has been a pleasant one planet.  Have a great weekend!

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Happy weekend!
My gorgeous boy.  :)

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