Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

This has been quite the busy day!  Blake was up at the crack of dawn to go in for his Junior High School physical. He checked out 100 percent healthy, and growing strong, just as I expected he would.  He also had updates on his immunizations, five shots in all.  Ouch!  But he had no complaints, and took it like the trooper he is.  He complained more about the examination of his private areas than the shots...lol

There was one immunization that was administered that I would have like to have known about prior to his checkup, so that I could have researched it thoroughly before I authorized it.  Being a mom of four older children, Gardasil is new, and not a vaccine that any of them received, so I did not think anything would be different.  Daddy took him this morning, because of course at age 12, Blake did not want mom there as that would have been all sorts of uncool. Jack nor I expected there to be anything out of the ordinary, so I did not give any special instructions to dad.  I feel pretty bad about that. Of course I want Blake to be protected from all possible harm, but I also want to be 100 percent informed about any decisions made regarding his health.  *sigh*  This shot comes in a series of three, so I have some time to research before the next booster. Pay attention mama!

Casey had a full day too.  A visit to his orthodontist to have his braces adjusted, and a date set to have them removed.  After his appointment, he stopped in to meet with a marine recruiter to get more information on that branch of military service. The braces come off in November, and Casey will be medically cleared for which ever branch of service he finally decides on.  I have to say, I am very proud of him.  Whichever branch he joins would be very lucky to have him.

My boys are almost all grown up.  :(

In other news...July, thus far you suck!  What is with this heat?  I knew June was too good to be true.  High temperature today was 94°f today, with the high for tomorrow expected to reach 101°f.  Yuck!  I know it is summer, but chill out Mother Nature.

Until next time...

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"Ugh, so many shots today."
 "You got me new games for my 3DSxl?"
 "Yeah, all is forgiven."  :)

(Yes it is.  New Mario games?  Prepare to lose your 3DS to mom!)

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