Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25, 2011

My 365...

I love my boys...they are as crazy as mama is. 

We had Christmas in our normal fashion...completely "our" tradition...a fabulous free-for-all.

It was almost 7pm last night, and Blake decided to open "only one" present.  That is how it starts.
 "Only one", turns into a gift opening extravaganza!  Takes about two seconds and we are done.  lol
The boys stayed up until 2:00am playing with new stuff, and requested some hot cocoa.  I went down to the kitchen to make some for them and they were getting louder and LOUDER, so mama had to separate them so the rest of the world could get a little sleep.

Casey went downstairs to his computer, and Blake up to his to play some computer games.  That lasted until approximately 4:00am.  I begged them both to try a little sleep, but no...they were not quite ready for that. 

Finally at 7:00am, Blake said he was hungry so we went down to the kitchen so I could make some eggs and hash browns.  Casey was still awake so I made some for him as well.  By then, Blake and I were deliriously silly, so I started a game of "I bet I can make you yawn!" 

Mommy:  *Yawn*

Blake:  "Mom, stop that!"  *Yawn*

Mommy:  "Okay, I will stop....."*yawn*

Blake:  MOM!!

He started chasing me around the kitchen and we were both laughing so hard.  We look over to see Jack coming up the stairs looking less then entertained.

Mommy:  "What's wrong honey?"

Jack:  "The downstairs toilet just over-flowed on to my feet...grumble...grumble...grumble..."

Blake and I looked at each other and started laughing hysterically!  Jack was not amused.  LOL!

We had our breakfast then went upstairs to try to settle down.  Keyword here "try", but by then we were way too hyper and silly for sleep.

Casey came upstairs showing me that he could get FM radio on his new cell phone.  He was listening to some 70's and 80's rock classics and he said, "Mom, do you know this song?"  I recognized it immediately and started singing along.  Casey looked at me and said, "My God mom, you are so old!"  LOL, he is always amused that he can listen to old songs and I start singing along. 

Finally sometime after 8:00am I was able to settle down and try to sleep a little. 

A few hours later I hear the dogs all barking like mad.  The "I am about to eat a stranger" bark that will blow the roof off the house.

I am thinking Santa came back or something!
Then I hear, "Frank, come here Frank!"  Who the hell is Frank?  I look outside to see Jack and Blake chasing some strange dog around the back yard.  The neighbors had a visitor canine named Frank who managed to jump the fence and found himself trapped in our yard.  Dozer, Ducati, Ray and Lilly went nuts!

Damn you Frank.  ;P

Casey fell asleep about noon, followed by Blake at 1:30pm.

Now the ham is ready...the boys are asleep...and I need to get this Christmas dinner going. 

Cooper's mommy decided that Cooper would spend the night with her last night.  Which is great, because a baby should be with his mommy.  Brandon was up at 7:00am so he could walk over to their house and watch his son open presents.  He walked over there in 20 degree weather that awesome son of mine.  He is such a great daddy.

Garrett and Supra should be here soon.  Kori went home to Sun Valley for Christmas.  "We miss you Kori!  Merry Christmas honey I love you!!

I need to get dinner finished so we can enjoy a nice Christmas boys and I.  Jack's got a fire going in the downstairs den, and my boys and I are going to enjoy an amazing evening together.  I love them so much!

What a great Christmas this had been!  Crazy silly but memorable and fun.  Hope yours has been wonderful as well!

Merry Christmas!!

My photos of the day...

Delicious Christmas dinner.  Jack made a great ham, and I made all the fixings.
  My favorite Brussels sprouts!
 Brandon got home just as I was serving dinner and Garrett and Supra were driving up.  Perfect timing!
  Brandon was pretty tired from his long day, but enjoyed a visit with Garrett.  :)
After dinner we went down to the den to visit for a while and just enjoyed each others company.  It was wonderful.  :)
  *** Doggy Daily ***

"Oh boy, is that ham I smell?"
Supra and Blake enjoying a little horsing around after Christmas dinner.  He loves wrestling with Supra the wonder dog.  :)

Music I am listening to today...

Random Link of the Day...Merry Christmas!

Until next time..."Happy Birthday Jesus."

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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