Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinner is served!

As requested from my Garrett and Kori, "Mexico food."  They are so silly.  :)

Ingredients,  Boneless chicken breast, fresh green onion, celantro, tomato, jalapeno, carrots, green pepper, garlic, rice, refried beans, salsa verde, sour cream, chicken bullion...salt, pepper, lemon pepper.

Total time in the kitchen...45 minutes to an hour.

 Brown chicken breast in a cast iron skillet.  Season with salt, pepper and lemon pepper.
 Sautee the chicken until golden brown on the outside.  It will not be cooked through...but that is okay it will steam later.
 In a separate pot coated with veg oil, toss in 2 cups of white rice, salt and papper and lightly brown.  Once brown, add chopped green onion, carrots and garlic.
 Then you will add your browned chicken breast to the rice.  Make sure to tuck up under the rice so it can get nice and steamed through during cooking.  Add 3 1/2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of tomato sauce and a chicken bullion.  Bring to a boil, add some green pepper and celantro, cover and steam.
 While your "Arroz con Pollo" is cooking, slice up some fresh cucumber and tomato, and for my boys some green pepper too.  Heat the refried beans.  I prefer fresh, but canned will do in a pinch.
 Dinner is served!
 Top the refried beans with shredded cheese and jalapeno, top the chicken breast with tomatillo sauce, a dollop of sour cream on the cucumber and tomato, and some hot steamy corn tortillas.  The tortillas just take a few seconds in the microwave to heat.

Two food critics in the kitchen watching my every move!
 For desert, chocolate cookie dough ice cream.  :)
 And my reward for cooking a good meal...Garrett and Kori brought me this cute little stuffed mouse.  :)  Thanks you two.  I <3 you!

Perfect end to a perfect weekend.



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