Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, 2015 - Henny Penny Updates.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks that we have had the hens.  They are thriving, and growing so fast.

Here are their 4 month pictures.

Thelma, Speckled Sussex.

I think Thelma was close to 4 weeks when we adopted her.  She arrived at D&B the first week of March, and we adopted her on the 10th of April.  Thelma is the friendliest of the hens.  She is definitely our lap chicken.
Louise, Egyptian Fayoumis.

Louise is the youngest, if I go by the D&B paper.  She came into D&B the third week of March, and was definitely the tiniest of the chicks.  Egyptian Fayoumis are rather small chickens too.  She zips not runs and is SO fast!  I worried that she might be a rooster because of how bossy she is.  Her comb is developing the fastest as well.  She definitely watches over the other chicks, and keeps them rounded up.  Even though she can be a bitchy little chick, we love her.  She is a beauty!

Rosie, Blue Wyandotte.

Rosie, also came into to D&B first week of March, so she was also at least 4 weeks old when we adopted her.  Rosie is primarily black and white, and SO sweet!  Rosie seems to be a little goofy chick.  She is always concentrating on eating, so it is easy to sneak up on her.  She makes me giggle the most.  Such a little love, that Rosie hen.
Annabelle - Blue Wyandotte

Annabelle was the last chick we adopted.  She also came into D&B in early March, so must have been at least 5 weeks when we brought her home a week after the first three chicks.  Annabelle is gorgeous!  She has the thickest feathering, and is the largest of the chicks thus far.  She is sweet like Rosie, and a delightful little chick.  

They are still sleeping in the inside kennel at night, as they are not completely feathered for 100 percent outdoor living.  No more heating light though.  It is warm enough inside for them.  Feed wise, I still have them on medicated starter feed, and some grit.  Their daily treat is a boiled egg mixed with oatmeal.  They LOVE eggs! 

I give them fresh water daily with just a few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in the water. Not too much though.

They spend at least an hour a day free range in the back yard once, sometimes twice a day depending on the weather.  They look forward to their outdoor adventures daily.  They love my cilantro and Romaine lettuce.  

Jack and Garrett have all the materials needed for my coop, they just need to get started on the design and building.  We might start with just an outdoor run, so they can spend more time outside without me having to watch them.

My chicken journey thus far has been awesome!  I love raising chickens.  They are very low maintenance, and great fun to watch and play with.

I LOVE my hens.  :)

Thelma and Annabelle.
 Louise and Thelma.
 Annabelle and Rosie.
Chicken butts.  :)
Top photo from 4 weeks ago, compared to photo taken today.  

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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