Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015 - It Was a Lovely Day for Frolicking

We have had rain almost every day for the last week!  It has been great for the garden.  Everything is so green.

The hens have adjusted fine without their Louie the rooster.  I do believe they are happier, and definitely more calm.

Blake's shoulder was doing better.  He was getting around just fine, and the pain has been pretty much gone.  This evening he was dancing around the living room, tripped over his own two feet and landed on his left side.  OMG, we both had a heart attack!  It hurt like heck, but I don't think he made it worse.  Poor kid.  I think it may be time to wrap him in bubble wrap.  The good news is there is only just over a week of school left until summer vacation.  Yay!!!

In most exciting news, Amber's Kickstarter for her desert truck went live!!  I am so proud of her! Please CLICK HERE for more information.  "Good luck Amber and Joie!!"

Some photos from my world yesterday and today...

My Mandarin Honeysuckle, a gift from Casey, is blooming, and is so beautiful!

 All my roses are in bloom, and the yard smells heavenly!

 Miss Lilly doing what she does best...frolicking.  :)

 The hens, just chilling.

 Dozer.  :)

This happened.  Miss Lilly has learned that the chicks are real peckers!  lol

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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