Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Good-Bye Louie...Louie

It is official, Louise the lovely Egyptian Fayoumis chicken, is definitely Louie.  Not only is he starting to crow, his behavior is very "rooster" like.  He is getting really pushing with my hens.

So I placed an ad and offered him to any farmers looking for an awesome rooster.  This morning I woke to several requests, so I picked the one that felt the best.  A young lady in Nampa, Idaho who lives on 3 acres.  She was driving to Mountain Home Idaho this evening to pick up a steer, so we offered to meet her in Boise as they are driving back through to go home.  She sounds perfect.

I am sure Louie will do just fine on his new 3 acres of land.  We are sure going to miss him though. He really is a beautiful rooster.

Blake and I spent the afternoon in the garden with Louie this afternoon.  Here are some photos from my world today...

Louie the rooster.

 Louie and the girls.
 The lovely Annabelle.

 Miss Thelma.

 Squirrel!  This little guy comes to visit me everyday.  I have named him Bartholemew.  My neighbor leaves out peanuts for him.
 Dozer watching the chickens through the gate.

 Miss Lilly.

 So much green!
 Apple mint and strawberries.

 Romaine lettuce.

 The Blue Wyandotte sisters, Rosie and Annabelle.

 Blake found some good bug friends.
As I was preparing Louie to a hamster cage, I wanted him to be comfy...he gave me a good-bye message...

Bye Louie!

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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