Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015 - Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

The weather was so beautiful today.  I am hoping this beautiful day will carry through the weekend.

Blake has a three day weekend, yay!  I just wish we could do more.  Specifically, cycling.  He was dancing around in the living room Wednesday night, celebrating that he was feeling so much better, and he tripped on his own two feet.  Yep, he came crashing down on his left side.  Gave me a heart attack!  His shoulder has been really sore.  It served as a good reminder that he needs to take it easy. Just because he is feeling better does not mean the fracture has healed.  That is going to take time.

I am hoping to get the chicken coop finished this weekend.  The chicks LOVE being outside, but I can't leave them unattended in the yard.  I would be very upset if anything happened to them.  For now it is a couple of hours of free ranging at least one time a day. They will be happy to be outside full time soon.

Today I got an email from Louie the Rooster's new owner Sarah.  I was SO happy to hear from her! She said Louie is doing well, and she will be adding some chicks to his flock today.  I know King Louie will be very happy.  :)

Some pictures from my world...

My yard is looking so green and beautiful.  I love it!

Dozer love the chicks.

I could probably let him range with them, because I know he would never hurt them, but he is so big! He might send them airborne with one wag of his mighty tail.
For now they get to be friends with a fence dividing them.

Miss Lilly the Chicken Hawk.
She takes her chicken guarding responsibilities very seriously.

The hens enjoying a delightful dust bath.

Some ChickenCam footage.  The hens were enjoying a delightful dust bath, and Dozer wanted to join them SO badly!

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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