Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

My 365, Day number 1,729.

Hello Dear Family,

Happy Thursday planet!  I had an amazing day today.  My son Brandon, and my precious grandchildren came to spend the afternoon with me.  Oh my goodness, my grandchildren...where to begin? I know, every grandparent thinks her grandchildren are the smartest, most beautiful, gifted grandchildren on the planet...but my Cooper and Penny are!

My grandson Cooper is now 3 years old.  Cooper is brilliant. He is extremely focused and so intelligent, with just the right mix of funny and loving.  Oh my Cooper, what an absolute joy he is.  We played some Playmobil together, then he set up the checker board so we could play some "Cooper" style checkers...this is where he makes all the rules.  We also enjoyed playing some Minecraft together.  Cooper is amazing on Minecraft.  He can teach grandma a thing or two.  He has let his hair grow long, and is very proud of the curl that hangs over his forehead. His hair is thick and beautiful.  He is absolutely gorgeous my Cooper, and I adore him so much.

My granddaughter Penny is the perfect little lady.  She loves hugs and snuggles, and has a smile that could melt an iceberg.  There is nothing sweeter on the planet, than a Penny snuggle.  SO PRECIOUS!!  Just like her big brother, she is brilliant, with just the right mix of little stinker.  She has this look that she gives you, because she knows she is a little stinker too.  It is hilarious. She is fearless just like her big brother, and oh my goodness can she wiggle her little booty.  Penny loves to dance, and she dances beautifully!  At one point this evening, uncle Garrett was leaving and she wanted to rush downstairs to say goodbye.  Without even thinking twice, she soared right off the bed.  I swear if the child had wings, she would fly!

My grandchildren are healthy and happy.  Brandon is now a full time daddy, and he is doing an amazing job taking care of his children while mama works.  And mama works long days too.  They have the perfect team approach, and I am very proud of them. I am in awe of the father that my son has become.  Amber and Brandon are wonderful parents, and it shows in the awesome that is their children. And there is no greater joy for me than being their grandmother.  I am very thankful to be blessed with such beautiful grandchildren.

In other news...Blake had his first school dance tonight.  What?  Are you kidding me right now? Dance?  Noooo.  Yep, first dance. Personally, I think 13 is way too young for a school dance, but that is not going to surprise anyone.  I am sure I will be saying the same thing when Blake goes to his senior prom. Having said that though, big brother Casey picked Blake up from the dance and came home furious.  He said the girls he saw were scantily clad and acting much older than they should have been.  Blake told me some things that were very upsetting as well.  Needless to say, the school has some serious explaining to do.  It does not sound as if the event was properly chaperoned at all.  Mama is not happy.

I hope you had a great day everyone.  Hang in there, the weekend is just around the corner.

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.

My 365...
My adorable grandchildren, Cooper and Penny.
 How beautiful they are.  *love*
 My precious Cooper.
 My precious little Penny.
 Penny hanging ten on uncle Garrett's longboard.  She is fearless!
 Daddy snuggling with his little princess.  :)
 Cooper and Penny were so excited to see uncle Blake when he got home from school.

Blake had his first school dance this evening.
 Again I say...too soon, too soon.  :)

And I can't forget my #TBT for the week!  My hubby Jack, the year we got married.  What a handsome guy he was...and still is.  We have been together for 31 years, and this February will be our 30th wedding anniversary.  I love him more today than I ever have.  :)

Music I am listening to today...The joyous sounds of my adorable grandchildren.  :)

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