Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

True story...

I was laying in my bed last night, watching some Youtube videos on my tablet, when suddenly a spider about the size of a dime waltzed across my screen.  It was such a technicolor spider, that for a second I thought it was part of the video.

When I realized it was real, I carefully sat up in my bed, turned the light on, located said intruder spider and without hesitation, pinched it firmly between my thumb and index finger.  *squish*

I then calmly walked to the bathroom to wash my hands a half a dozen times, followed by a generous application of hand sanitizer.  I comfortably returned to my Youtube watching rest and relaxation, while relishing in the absolute horror of what I had just experienced, all the while chuckling at my bad-assedness.  *grin*

"Damn you spider!"

I come from a long line of arachnophobes, even though I can honestly say that I do not understand the fear of a creature so small and insignificant.  For my friends and family who are frightened by the sight of a spider..."You're welcome."

To any spider lovers out there, I proclaim with absolute reverence..."May the cheeky little bugger rest in peace...or pieces as it were."

Oh goodness, I do love a touch of silly on a Tuesday, don't you?  lol :)

Speaking of little bugs, I had a visit from two precious little bugs in my life.  Right about midnight, I was surprised by a visit from Brandon, Amber and my grandchildren Cooper and Penny. They had just arrived in town from their weekend vacation, and stopped by on the way home to pick up their puppy RayRay who had spent the weekend with me.

Little Penny crawled up on to my bed, and right into my arms for the warmest, sweetest hug.  Cooper did as well.  Then Amber and Brandon told me all about their amazing weekend, and shared with me some incredible photos taken by Brandon.  I have to say, my sons are amazing photographers!  It was definitely a wonderful way to end my day.  *love*

This had been a bit of a heavy weekend, so a touch of silly was definitely in order.  We learned that a beautiful young woman, who had been in school with my children since elementary school, lost her brave battle with cancer.  She was only 28, and the mother to two beautiful little boys.  I was so heart broken when I heard.  There was also another young mother here in Boise, who was 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant when she was involved in a traffic accident.  Both she and her baby did not survive. Although I did not know her, my heart breaks for her family as well.

I am reminded what truly matters in life, and that life itself is so precious.  It is not about spiders, fancy homes, fast cars and other insignificant "stuff."  It is not about feeding our ego, and placing unnecessary demands on those we are supposed to nurture and love.  What truly matters is the people who are in our life. Having the courage to be vulnerable. Having the strength to love without condition and judgement.  And taking time out of the fast pace of everyday life to honor how blessed we truly are.

Life is not perfect, it does not have to be, but it is pretty darn close.  I am so very blessed.

Hope you had an awesome day planet!

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.

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I spy pretty flowers.  Pretty much like a squirrel to a dog...my camera and I get very distracted by blooms.  
A lovely Idaho sunset.  Thank you Idaho.

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