Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7, 2013

My 365...

Happy DAMB!  Yep, it is the Day After My Birthday, and I am still alive.  Guess 52 is not so old after all.  I tend to celebrate my birthday the entire month of April.  I consider April to be mine all mine!  Now that I am in the second half of my life, I am going to celebrate every single day.  But here is the thing planet, you don't wait until the second half of your life to make every day a celebration, do it NOW!

We are having a rainy day here in Idaho.  Even some thunderous entertainment!  I love thunderstorms, just wished they lasted longer than they did here, they blow in and blow out so fast.  At least the valley is getting some much needed rain.  The Spring flowers are happy.

The only bad thing about a rainy day is that my body tends to remind me that I have RA.  No real pain, thank goodness, I just move a little bit s l o w e r than usual.  I am not complaining though!  I am now 18 years into my RA journey, and I feel pretty darn amazing.  Thanks to all the wonder drugs of today, my RA is very well managed.  This is a huge blessing for me.  :)

Today Blake and I have decided that it will be a "gaming" day.  No work, no lessons, no worrying about next week, just 100 percent rest, relaxation and Minecraft.  Tekkit more specifically.  We do love our Tekkit and Feed The Beast Minecraft.

Hope your day has been awesome planet!

And have a great Monday too.  :)

A delightfully rainy day today...

 My Casey <3

***Doggy Daily***
"Hey Blake?"

"Yeah Dozer?"
"I love you dude."

"I love you too Dozer."

Music I am listening to today...Savage Garden , I Want You

Random Link of the Day...No Dig Vegetable Garden

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