Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

My 365...

Good Monday everyone.

The boys and I were startled out of bed this morning by a horrible drama playing out in our front yard. Two complete strangers, a man and a woman, screaming and yelling at each other, then they took off running down the street leaving their car parked in front of our house. When the man returned, Garrett was standing on the front porch...needless to say, the man did not stick around. When the woman returned to the car, she had a baby in a car seat. Garrett asked her if she was okay? She got in the car and drove away.

I called 911 to report the incident. This sort of thing does not happen on our quiet street. When the police came knocking at the door, it was two female officers.  Garrett answered the door, and they treated HIM like a suspect.  "Sir, I will need you to sit on the ground." they told him.  What?  Really?  We called YOU, we are reporting the problem, not part of the problem.  In a way I could understand why they had him sit on the ground, Garrett is a big guy, but I felt bad for him just the same.  Poor baby, he was just trying to help.

Why am I posting this you ask? I did call the police, but what I should have done was pay attention to the details. The make and model of the car, a good solid description of what they were wearing, every single minute detail so when the police asked us, we would have had a definitive answer.

My PSA for the day, definitely get involved...AND...PAY ATTENTION to the details! Casey, Blake and I were all looking out the window, and not one of us had our glasses on. Then after the dust settled, I was kicking myself for not grabbing the camera and taking photos or video.  I have a room FULL of camera equipment, and I did not think to use it.  Silly me...hindsight is 20/20.  Today's home school lesson...get the details!!  Also, I hope those people are okay.

Oh Monday, why do you have to be so crazy?

"Mom, no pictures on a Monday."
Gorgeous blue skies today.  

***Doggy Daily***
"Mama, Casey said no pictures today."
 "Resistance is futile Ducati, everyone knows that by now."  :)
Supra the Wonder Dog.  
 "Oh daddy, give me a hug!"

Music I am listening to today...Savage Garden , Crash and Burn

Random Link of the Day...What is CISPA?

The Daily V...Happy Earth Day!


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