Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013

My 365...

Happy Thursday planet!

I enjoyed the perfect day.  My precious grandson Cooper came to spend the day with us.  He is so brilliant and absolutely adorable!  He is speaking very clearly now, and engages in the most fascinating conversations.  The boys and I had ridiculous fun with little Cooper today.

Blake hid some Easter candy, eggs and surprises for him to find, then we spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing, and enjoying a little picnic.  He even enjoyed a little Skype time with Casey and one of his girlfriends.

It was also great to see his mommy and daddy, my son Brandon and his wife Amber.  Amber looks beautiful with her adorable little baby bump.  Her mid-wife appointment went well, and she said everything is on track with the pregnancy.  I can't wait to meet this precious little baby!  They have decided to wait on finding out what the sex of the baby is, and I think that is so exciting!  It was nice seeing their best friend Morgan, and her precious little baby girl too...Cooper's girlfriend.  :)

When it was time to go, Cooper started to cry, "I want to stay grandma!"  An although that felt amazing knowing that Coopy wanted to stay a little longer, I know how much he adores mommy and daddy.  I carried him out to the car, and the microsecond his sweet little eyes caught sight of his mommy, he was ready to go!  <3

Let me go on record here by saying...being a grandma is, well, it is just darn freaking amazing planet!  I have always loved being a mama, and being grandma is mama-joy times 1,000.

Today is also the the 27th anniversary of the first time I became a mother, otherwise known as my mama-versary.  Happy 27th birthday to my first born, and only daughter.  :)

Hope your day was awesome!

My precious little Cooper.
 Easter Egg hunt time.  We were a few days late...but Cooper did not mind at all.

 Ohhh chocolate bunny!
 "There is one grandma!"
 He is so beautiful.  :)
 "I want to drive this car grandma. Uh-oh, I am too big."
Uncle Blake making a spectacle of  I love him!
"I will race you uncle Blakey!"
 Grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced pear and oranges.
 Having fun in the garden cart.
 Uncle Blake thinks of everything.
Loving his new puzzle flash cards.
With a little help from grandpa.
 Some video game fun with uncle Blake.
A little yard work too.
 Telling uncle Garrett all about his afternoon.  <3

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