Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 15, 2011

My 365...

So soggy today, not so nice!  We have had so much rain lately that everything is completely soggy.  Even the tree is covered in fungus...

Okay so maybe it is not fungus, let me is covered with a lovely blanket of moss.  That does sound much better than a fungal attack of the trees!

The most amazing thing happened yesterday!  I received an email from Amber, my son's girlfriend, and baby mama to my grandson, and she was offering to let me, us, back into her life.  Opening the lines of communication.  Talk about an answer to my prayers!  I was so thrilled to receive that message.  I had been trying for several months to reach out to my son and was not getting anywhere, so for her to reach out to me meant the world.

She and my son have become amazing parents to my grandson, and I could not be prouder.  She is a natural mommy just as I was, and I have gained a whole new respect for her.  You can feel the love they have for Cooper and  they have become a precious little family.  :)  I love them so much!

I was searching through boxes this morning looking for pictures, and could not find them.  I have a feeling they are in storage somewhere.  :(  I am so glad we no longer have to rely on film and film processing for pictures.  It is a thousand times easier to back pictures up to a disk rather than sort them in boxes.  I did have a couple that I had scanned so I could forward some baby pictures of Brandon to Amber.  He was such a tiny adorable little baby boy that son of mine.

I also found this adorable Fozzy Bear that used to belong to my daughter.  I will have to put this in the mail to her.  :)

He is so cute!

Back to Saturday for me.  I am enjoying a nice quiet afternoon with Blake.

"My birthday wish for myself today is laughter.  I wish for a lot of laughter and fun in the coming year!"

Until next time...


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