Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

My 365...

This has been a major week in the life of my precious family.  My middle child, second son and his beautiful love Amber gave birth to my first grandchild on Monday.  I have been apart from this son for almost a year with very little contact.  It has been a very difficult journey for all of us as we took a step back and tried to let go so he could fly.

As a mom, I have always been the ferocious mama bear who wants to keep her babies close by always and forever.  In the process I failed to notice when they crossed the line from my child to their own adult.  His girlfriend of five years is a beautiful soul, but being that bear mom I felt they were too young to be so serious and became overly protective of my son.

These two young people have struggled immensely, but the one thing that has always remained true has been their love for each other.  Many things have happened that I will never understand, but I realize now that is water under the bridge and all we can do is learn from the struggle and move forward.  Truth be known I am very proud of them.

One thing has remained constant through out all the pain, and that has been the immeasurable love I have for all my children, and the paralyzing fear that this great big world can hurt them.  Sure it can, life is never easy, but you have to let your children fly.

With the birth of my grandson comes the birth of my new way of thinking.  It is okay to love your children and want to keep them safe, but it is also okay to let go and let them fly, fall, fly again.  It is called life.  And unlike when they were younger when I could rush to them with a band aid and a hug, my role now is to listen and say "I love you" and "You can do it."  :)

Prayer is an amazing all powerful thing.  I was born and raised Catholic, but have never been the "church going" kind of person.  I do however believe in prayer, and have done a lot of that in the past year.  This little bracelet below was a gift from my aunt Fina.  It is like a mini rosary, and I have just about rubbed the finish off the beads in my moments of prayer.

Three things have happened as a daughter is back in my life.  She has accomplished many great things.  I am so proud of her, and I have missed her very much.  My son messaged me to introduce his son, and shared with me a photo of the baby.  Our relationship is still very fragile, but fragile is so much better than nothing.  And finally, it has restored my faith in a higher power.  I can not think of a better way to start my 50th year of life.  Thank you God.   

And without further adieu, introducing the most precious baby boy in the world, son to my Brandon and Amber, my grandson.  :)

Precious precious baby boy.  :)

"My birthday wish for myself today is faith.  Always keep the faith, it will never let you down."  God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them.

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