Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

My 365

My morning started with a bang, literally.  The bang being the sound of my body hitting the kitchen floor!  I can be so clumsy.

Immediately Dozer came charging into the kitchen and stood guard over me as if he was protecting me from an unseen intruder.  That's right Dozer, I did not just fall, I was pushed by an alien!  It would have been helpful had he been wearing his collar, then he could have helped me up, but no, just that huge lion's mane of his.  Bless his heart, he really was worried about me and seemed a little hurt when I screamed for him to "move!"

The only thing I hurt was my ego and my hand as it smashed the kitchen counter on the way down.  I will say it was the most incredibly graceful fall.  You know the kind of fall I am talking about.  It is in slow motion and you feel like you are gently floating to the earth like an autumn leaf riding the wind...that is until you HIT with a thud!  :)  I really should be more careful, I am almost 50 after all!

My picture of the day...

Behold, the very bane of my existence...the dead pixel.  I have this brand new HP 17.3 inch  laptop that is amazing, but leave it to HP to send me a dead pixel.  Of course I could package the thing up and send it back, but then I would be without my laptop for a week or two and that would really suck.  And knowing HP, they would return a laptop with two dead pixels!  I can only see the dead pixel when I am watching a movie or video where the border of the screen is black, otherwise I hardly know it is there.  Grrrrr.....I know it is there!

If the worst thing I have to deal with in life is a dead pixel and a slippery kitchen floor, than God has certainly blessed me.  Of course it is all very silly, but it does give me something to bitch about.

"My birthday wish for myself today is gracefulness.  In other words, to be the opposite of clumsy.  I consider myself to be quite graceful "most" of the time,unless I am crashing to the ground due to a lack there of!"

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