Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

My 365...

Day two into the new year, and all is calm.Thank God. 

I am suffering from a terrible ailment called "Mom foot in mouth disease" for which there is no cure.  As a mom it is painfully impossible for me not to speak my mind when I witness something that is so completely wrong that it drives me to the edge!  But I have to remember that it is critical to mind my own business, and just be there with a warm hug and a soft place to fall should it be needed.  Unsolicited advice is just that...unsolicited.  My New Year's resolution is to realize that just because one of my children is dealing with difficult times, they are not "my" difficult times they are theirs.  When they come to me to talk it is for comfort, understanding and a hug...nothing more.  I have to let them work it out.

I am trying world, honest to GOD I am!  When I see one of my children hurting I naturally and instinctively go into "mama bear" mode and I want to protect them and "clobber" those who are bringing them down.  In nature, a baby bear remains with it's mother for two years.  I need to realize that is not the same as 22 years, and it is time to let go.  Time to make the transition to mother of adults.  That is not a role I do well, but I am working on it.

My photo of the day is called, "Stinker and The Diva", that just about says it all.  lol

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