Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30, 2011

My 365...

Only one day left of the first month of 2011.  Another full month into my second 365 project, and so far so good.  Not a single day missed!  I am proud of me.  :)

Today I walked into the den to find these two snuggled up on the floor watching some T.V.  The perfect photo opportunity for mama.

Blake loves his Dozer so much, and I know Dozer feels the same way about his Blake.  I can honestly say that Blake loves all animals, but the relationship he has with Dozer is very special.  I pray they have many years of adventure to come.

We have always had a dog in our home, and I can not imagine life without a canine companion.  They bring so much to our family.  Protection, companionship, laughter and an undying love that has no measure.

There are days that I feel like "The Pied Piper of Hamelin."  I can be sitting comfortably in a chair, and the second I get up I have all three dogs forming a line behind me and they follow me where ever I go.  If I step in to the bathroom and close the door, all three will take a position outside of the door and wait for me.

I was up very late last night watching movies and decided to go into the kitchen to pour a glass of orange juice.  Everyone was sound asleep and I hear padded footsteps slowly making their way to the kitchen, then this huge white furry head peaking around the corner.  Dozer just wanted to be sure all was well...and hope for a little late night snack for himself!  :)

"My birthday wish for myself today I feel like I have everything I could ever possibly wish for.  that is a good thing."

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