Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010

My 365...

"It's almost over!" What is almost over you ask? Summertime! And good riddance I say.  Today even feels like Fall at a cool 63 degrees and clear blue skies.  It is a gorgeous day!  :)

It is also grocery shopping day today, but I am not the solo grocery shopper anymore.  Jack loves grocery shopping, so he has taken his duty back now that he is home.  Yay!

It feels so wonderful not doing everything by myself anymore like I have been for the past five plus years.  We are still adjusting to being a family together again, but so far so good.  I do have to remind Jack not to sweat the little things.  He has a tendency to get upset over tiny little bitty things that do not matter.  When I do have to remind him, he smiles and say, "I know."  Jack is very "type A" and I am very "type B", so together hopefully we can create the perfect balance for the boys.

Have a wonderful weekend world!  I know we will.

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I am a work from home mom of five amazing children, and five beautiful grandchildren. Enjoying my 50's and all that life has to offer.

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