Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010

My 365...

A very hot day in the Valley today, 99 degrees!  A perfect day to stay inside where it is nice and cool.

I keep the thermostat at a chilly 68 degrees.  That keeps the entire house nice and cool.  I am not a summer person, so I will be very happy when the Autumn weather is here.  Not much longer now.

We still have several fires burning across the state.  I pray that all the firemen and firewomen stay safe.  We have been very fortunate so far (knock on wood) no fires in our foothills or the foothills behind Kori and Garrett.  I pray it stays that way.

Casey had his first online class today.  We had some technical difficulties, but fortunately all the sessions are recorded so he can replay them later.  The class was surprisingly small.  I expected there to be a lot more kids.  Blake officially starts on the first and he can not wait!  His teacher called yesterday to introduce herself and I really like her.  She has been teaching with K12 for 9 years now.

I am feeling a bit tired today after a long night of strange dreams.  It has been 14 years since I moved away from Texas, and I have never gone back for a visit.  I realized this morning that I probably never will go back.  There is nothing left in Texas for me to go back to other than my niece Becky and her brothers.  My auntie lives there, but with the right planning I hope to bring her to Idaho for the holidays.  Unfortunately I now have no relationships left with my sisters, and both of my parents are gone.  It is sad really how we have all moved so completely opposite in direction...and that has nothing to do with geography!  Never is a long time, but that is how I feel about restoring any relationship with them.  Sad.  :(

I do have my family though, and we have never been happier.  Jack, the boys and I are very excited about our tomorrows, and really that is all that matters.  We are home.  :)

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