Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19, 2015 - Garding is Fun!

I have never been much into gardening, but today I have decided that it is my new favorite thing.  I was not feeling a cycling adventure today, but did want to get a little exercise and fresh air.  Gardening definitely provides both.

The overnight low temps are still too chilly for permanently getting my plants in the ground, but I have been itching to get something...anything...planted!  The honeysuckles are pretty hardy, so today they found their way to a permanent home.

I planted the Mint Crisp Honeysuckle next to my new fence.
The Mandarin Honeysuckle off the front porch.
And the lovely Goldflame Honeysuckle on a corner of the patio.  I planted it there because I eventually want to have pergola built over the back patio, and having a lovely honeysuckle growing up the side will look and smell great!
It is really convenient having a son working in a garden center.  Casey was showing me all sorts of cool products that would look great in my new garden.

My vegetable plants are all still looking healthy.  I hate that they are still in containers, but at least I can bring them in every night from the cold.

I let the girls, my chickens, out to play while I worked on the garden too.  They enjoy playing out in the yard.  Miss Lilly was outside with me, and did fine with the chicks.  She will go up and sniff them, then they will move suddenly and freak her out.  It will be interesting when they are bigger than she is.  :)

Of course I had to get a couple of #shoulderchicken shots for Instagram.  Yes, #shoulderchicken is a thing.  It will be fun taking shoulder chicken photos of my chickes as they grow.  

And yes...they pooped on his shoulder.  LOL!

Jack is off tomorrow, so we will be getting the garden boxes set where I want them and filled with soil.  That should be fun.  And my grandbabies Cooper and Penny will be over for a visit.  Yay! Which means I get to visit with my delightful daughter-in-law Amber, and get a great hug from son Brandon too. Brandon hugs are awesome!

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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