Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015 - Chicken, Chickens, Chickens...

Oh my little chickens, I do love you so.

I never dreamed in a million years that I would love chickens.  Garrett and Blake have wanted them for years, but my answer was always the same...NO!

Now I have these sweet little spirits, and I love them so much.  I hold them, and cuddle them and feed them several times a day.  I had no idea that chickens were so adorable and sociable.  They have great personalities, and are lots of fun.  :)

Rosie, my little dark chicken has been suffering from what is known as "pasty butt."  Her poop tends to collect on her tail feathers, and get stuck there.  Twice I have had to wash her little tail under warm water, and use the blow dryer to dry her off.  She looked great after the first session two days ago, but it is back again today.  I called the farm supply store where we got them, and they told me to come get another chick.  They would happily replace her.

Well let me tell you, I can not simply replace Rosie!  I want her to be okay.  :'(  Garrett drove to the the feed store today, and they did indeed give him another chick, but also some tips with diet and cleaning that should help Rosie.

Thelma and Louise are doing fine, and I am determined for Rosie to be okay too.  And now we have Annabelle.  That is right, four little chickies.

While Garrett was there, he got a breed list to help me identify what breed these babies are.  I can now say for certain that Louise is a Silver Campine or possibly an Egyptian Fayoumis...the store said she could be either as they had both breeds when we bought her.  Thelma is an Ameraucana or a Speckled Sussex.  Rosie is either a Silver or Blue Wyandotte.  Annabelle, the new baby is a Blue Wyandotte. Once they are older, I should be able to identify which breed they are.  At least now I have a list from the store, and I can narrow it down to very specific breeds based on the date they imported them.

And let me tell you about chicken coops.  I am obsessed with chicken coops!  We are having all sorts of fun designing the perfect chicken coop.  The boys and I will be building it together, and I know it is going to be beautiful!

Chicken life continues...

Meet Annabelle.  She joined us today as a replacement for Rosie.  However, like I said...Rosie can not be replaced.  I am hoping I am able to clear Rosie's pasty butt once and for all, and she will be okay.
I introduced Dozer to the chickens today, and he did great.  Not that I had any doubts.  Dozer gets along with all things living.  

Some pictures I took of the ladies this evening.  
Thelma is getting so big!

Adorable chicken butts!

In other news, Dozer, Supra and Ducati are adjusting to the garden fence.  They don't seem to mind staying on the non-garden and non-chicken side of the fence.  Miss Lilly still has garden privileges, but she is tiny and not destructive.  She does however tease the boys mercilessly...
I also got some new flowers yesterday.  Jack brought me three beautiful tulips and a Freesia.  Thank you honey.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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