Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011

My 365...

While I was working yesterday, I had MSNBC on for some background noise.  Listening to their sensationalistic reporting hour after hour about how HORRIBLE the coming storm was going to be.  Not to say that it was not a dangerous storm, because I know it was, but their reporting was so over the top.

It reminded me of a book I am reading called Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake.  It is a great book, and free on Amazon.  The book touches on the sensationalistic journalism taking place at that time by foreign press.  There was an entry titled Contrast.  It read;

"Big Contrast:  While the foreign media are obsessed with Apocalypses, the Japanese people are already talking of rebuilding."

"The foreign press was scrambling, plastering headlines with alarming words and shocking pictures.  Fear mongering over the possibility of another Chernobyl was rampant as was doom-saying about nuclear fallout over Tokyo, which is 200 km south of the affected area.  Misinformation about radiation spread, overshadowing the plight of the people in the stricken areas of northern Japan."

It makes me wonder how our "press" will handle reporting on the next serious crisis when this nation needs the facts, and reassurance, not ratings driven dribble that grabs attention and misrepresents the true facts of the situation at hand simply to stir emotion and panic.  When did news become more an avenue of entertainment as opposed to reporting of the news in an unbiased way?

This afternoon I decided to tune in to MSNBC to see what was being reported now.  I heard a lot of "It could have been", and "what if it had been" reports.  Really?  Then Geraldo Rivera opens his show with "Armageddon, it was not the end of the world as we know it!"   No kidding turkey, I would have never known, thank you.  How about just telling us how it was and how things are now.  Who needs help and how can we fix things?  I am thankful that people on the east coast are safe, and I pray that they get their power back soon.  I know that is a serious problem, being without power, and I hope the people in charge keep it organized and get it done!

The true disaster of this century is the media itself...not the crisis or perceived crisis that they are reporting on.  Thank God for social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  At least then people in the affected area can reach out and report what IS happening and get the facts out where our press continues the sensationalism.

Dinner tonight was amazing!  Amber made us a Swiss-cheesy delicious quiche.

My photos of the day...

I got to spend the entire afternoon and evening with my grandson so his mommy and daddy could finally unpack all their boxes and get organized.  It was wonderful!

Taking his afternoon nap.

Waking up all smiles!
Blake was being silly with Brandon this afternoon.  So silly in fact, he decided to shave off an eyebrow.  Ugh, what am I to do with these boys?

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Music I am listening to today...Jim Brickman

Random Link of the Day..."Dear Human."

Until next time..."How about sticking to the facts Pinocchio...that huge nose looks ridiculous on you!"

Have a great Monday everyone.  :)

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