Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

My 365...

When you have a job to do, do it right.  Give it your all, perform with the utmost integrity, and leave no stone unturned.  This holds true for any job, especially if the work you do impacts another.

I have worked in the medical industry for the past 29 years in one capacity or another.  Whether it be in medical dictation, patient scheduling, insurance processing, pre-authorizations, computer and IT support, medical practice management, and even public relations...and everything I have done, I have done well.

Casey has his jaw surgery scheduled for January.  His orthodontist Dr. T, and his staff, have gone above and beyond the call of duty to have his palate expansion and braces approved by insurance, and taken care of. The surgeon, Dr. G, and his staff, have done the same.  They have worked hard to see that the surgical procedure is covered by insurance, and everything that Casey needs is taken care of.  Dr. T is stage one...check.  Dr. G is stage three...check.

Then there is the middle stage.  Casey must have his wisdom teeth extracted before surgery. Enter Dr. A and his staff.  First of all, we had to wait over a month just to get in for a consultation.  Once in, ALL the paperwork submitted to the insurance company for approval was done so with no supporting documentation indicating medical necessity.  In other words, Dr. A's staff submitted a request for routine wisdom teeth extraction.  WHY????  Another three week waiting for approval...only to receive a denial.  And why? Because Dr. A's staff did not do their job.  For whatever reason, they completely dropped the ball, causing a two month delay.  No consideration for Casey, what he has been through, or what he is facing.  There is no excuse for this.

Today I took matters into my own hands.  I made all the calls, gathered the supporting documentation of medical necessity from Dr. T and Dr. G, and I submitted the appeal on Casey's behalf.  I have faith, and am confident that all of my work will result in approval from insurance so we can proceed on this journey for Casey.  However, I am SO disappointed in the people responsible for this unnecessary delay, Dr. A's staff, simply because they failed to do their job correctly.  Not fair.

No matter what you do in life, take the time to do your best.  Whether you are bagging groceries at the local store, delivering pizza, providing customer service, or providing professional MUST take pride in what you do...and do it well!  Everything you do in life impacts someone else.  Be aware of this.  Be considerate, and take that extra step.  It will all come back to you tenfold.

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope the planets aligned in your world today.  Go the extra mile, be kind to one another.

Until next time...
Blake and I made a little bitty snowman after school today.  It was WAY too cold to build a bigger one.

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"I am no longer posing for Yuletide photos for free.  My new BACON!"

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