Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27, 2013

My 365...

Ever have one of those days?  Yep, either have I.  :)

Today I was up to my elbows in paperwork.  End of year stuff, medical pre-authorizations, taxes, retirement, (Yes, as of January 1st, this mama is officially retired...YAY!), insurance, and all that, "OMG, I HATE red tape" sort of stuff.  On top of the paper work, I was lost in a sea of...

"Press 1 for English."
"Press 2 for Spanish."
"Press 297 for Pirate Speak."
"Press 935 if you would like to jump off a bridge."

I would get to the right department, get to the right representative, go through all the information and.....*click*...dial tone.......

But you know what planet?  All is well in my world.  Just as I was ready to take option 935, "Jump off the Bridge", Garrett reminded me that life is good.  He does that my son Garrett.  I have never met a more positive, happy spirit in all my life.  He always has a smile on his face, and he keeps us all grounded.  "Thank you son."

Add Casey's never ending, ridiculously crazy, sense of humor, a giant, strong Brandon bear hug, and Blake's awesomeness, and this mama never has a reason to feel blue or upset in any way, shape or form.   Life is good.

I was just about finished with everything, as 5:00PM was quickly approaching, and my sweet hubby Jack placed a box of delicious Cordial Cherries on my desk.  Yes!  Chocolate makes everything better.  :)

Amber and the babies might be coming over later this evening.  They always make me happy.

Have an amazing weekend planet!

Until next time...
Sweet surprise from my hubby Jack.  

My precious grandbabies are here!

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Where does a Great Dane sit?  Anywhere he wants to.  :)

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