Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

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Since Blake is on a break from school, our sleep schedules are all backwards once again.  There is no need to be up at the crack of dawn, so why must we be in bed at a decent hour?

Take crazy, backwards sleep schedule, coupled with a growing pre-teen boy...and the kid would sleep ALL day if I let him!  He had the brilliant idea to simply not go to bed at all last night, stay awake through the morning and afternoon, and just like magic...he would be back on schedule.  Right?  Wrong!

After trying for two hours to wake him up this evening, I finally decided that the best way to get a growing boy's attention is with food.  I called our local Pizza Hut, and ordered some pizza.  I personally am NOT a fan of pizza, but the boys love it.

The door bell ringing did not wake him up.  The dogs barking like crazy...that is doorbell part two...did not wake him up.  However, me standing at the foot of the stairs and calling up....

"Blake, Pizza is here!"

Worked like a charm.  The boy went from snoring to 100 miles per hour in about three seconds flat.  I swear he leaped from the top stair to the bottom one in a single bound. ":I am awake!"  LOL, I love my boys. :)

Hope you had a great Monday planet!

Until next time...

"I'm awake!"

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