Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20, 2013

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Happy Friday everyone!  The weekend is finally here, and not a moment too soon.

We are still dealing with the sniffles around here.  Blake is a little worse today poor baby.  Lots of chicken soup, Sprite and Miss Lilly snuggles for him.  At least he does not have to go back to school for two weeks.  YAY!

My husband Jack and I shared a funny moment this afternoon.  He was trying to see if a fuse had blown out or not, so he handed me this tiny, microscopic glass tube...

"Honey, can you see a line across the middle?"

"The middle of what honey, I can barely see the darn thing?  Are you sure you put it in my hand?"  So I took off my glasses to look...but I could not focus on it and handed it right back to him."

He put on his glasses, and still could not see it.  So I tell him, "Jack, there is magnifying glass in my camera bag."  Next thing I know we are both trying to focus on this tiny fuse using glasses, magnifying glass, flashlight and still nothing.

"Veronica, I can remember a time when I could look at something this small in the dark and see it clearly!"

With that, he dropped the fuse to the floor.

***long silent pause****

"Well, that is the end of that!  We will never find the damn thing now.  Time to fill out those AARP applications."  After which we both erupted in laughter.  "Damn honey, we are getting old!"

Hey, at least we can laugh about it. LOL :)

Have a great weekend planet!
It is 27°f, with a nice steady snow falling.  The snow started around 5:00pm, just as the weatherman predicted.  

***Doggy Daily***
Miss Lilly is taking good care of her Blake.

Music I am listening to today...Christmas music...Let it Snow

Random Link of the Day...Orange Spritz Cookies

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