Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013

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Happy "Day after Christmas!"

Another Christmas has come and gone, and I am so thankful for the wonderful family Christmas we enjoyed yesterday.  There was one thing missing though.  I had been unable to reach my aunt Maggie in Texas for two days.  I was not worried, because I knew if something was wrong, my aunt Rita in Dallas would have let me know.  Between she and I, we make sure all is well with aunt Maggie.  Finally this evening I was able to reach her, and we enjoyed a nice long phone conversation.  We laughed together, and she sounded like she was in good spirits, so I can now say Christmas is complete.

There was another person missing from our celebrations, but not because she is not loved or welcomed...she simply chooses not to be a part of the "awesome" that is this family.  This family, who is all about love, fun, freedom from judgement and angst...and just a whole freaking lot of fun!  After several years of being sad and hurt about it, we have simply chosen to accept that it is what it is...and have moved on.  It is a situation that is completely beyond our comprehension and control, so no more worry is placed.  Perhaps some day that will be different, but again...not up to us.  :)

Today we chill!  A full day of rest and relaxation with my boys and the dogs.  Casey was off from work today, so I was able to spend some time with him which always makes me happy.  He has challenged me to a game of Starbound this evening, and all I have to say is..."It is SO on dude!"  Casey purchased himself a new speaker system, and is in charge of the music.  The music he is playing as I type this is some Ray Charles blues...followed by A Flock of  I love it!  I am making some Queso dip, and we are going to partake in a Starbound party.  Woot!  Hey, I may be a grandma, but I am a "gaming" grandma, and I can out "video-game" just about anyone!

Until next time...

Awesome, soft, snuggly blanket from Brandon, Amber, Cooper and Penny.  I LOVE it!
 My Casey.  :)
Casey Instagrammed this photo, and was so excited because LRG liked it!  Dude!

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Music I am listening to today...John Mayer, Katy Perry...Who You Love

Random Link of the Day...Delicious Ro*Tel Queso Dip.

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