Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29, 2013

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Gloomy day today.  Ordinarily I would not mind, but my spirit is a bit gloomy too.  Blurgh.  Just for the record, I do not do gloomy well.  It does not help that it is raining outside.  I love rainy days, but not when I want to ride my bike.  :*(

*Warning...The following rant is written with the "mommy" filter at your own risk.*

Being a mom of sons, the hardest thing for me thus far has been finding a balance when it comes to their problems with relationships and girls.  My number one rule...if they are of not to get involved. Unless this girl has a criminal record and no manners, I will be the perfectly delightful "boyfriend's mom."

However, if my sons "ask" me for my opinion, and if they want to know what I think...they are going to get that 100 percent "in your face" opinion about how I feel.  "Dude, you want my opinion?  Pull up a chair baby, you are gonna get it!"

I know what love is like, I have been there a time or two or three in my 52 years of existence on this planet.  But I also know what unhealthy relationships are like...been there too.  One of my sons was involved in a very unhealthy relationship that should have never even started.  Her parents need to be more mindful of where this girl is in her life, and what she should and should not be doing.  (None of my business, right?)  Now he is having a difficult time ending it.  What I would like to do is pick up the phone and tell this girl AND her family..."LEAVE MY SON ALONE!!!!', then remove all communication devices from my son, and put him in time out.

Uh-oh, you are in trouble now.  You have awoken the mama grizzly.  
She can be one skeery, dangerous bitch!

But I can't do that.  My son looked at me, shook his head and said..."Mom, stay out of it, I can handle this."

*~~~~inhale~~~exhale~~~inhale~~~exhale~~~inhale...turn blue...pass out~~~*

Here is the thing, I have stayed out of it, only getting involved when my son came to me for my opinion, then backed off when he told me to back off.  I just need to learn how to back off and be supportive of HIM? That is my weakness.  It comes down to the old..."Son, you put your hand on that fire it is going to get burned..." thing, then sitting back, watching him put his hand on the fire because he insists on doing so, getting burned, then not being absolutely furious with him for not listening to me in the first place!

Right now I am feeling a mix of "What are you doing son?" with "Dubya-tee-eff son, what the hell are you thinking? Come here so I can smack you upside the head!"  Hopefully he will learn?  

Maybe it is time we get back to the "Queen Mum" era where the boys have to do what the queen mum tells them.  Arranged marriages, family honor and all that stuff. I can see it now, me all sitting pretty on an ornate golden throne...the boys come in on bended knee.  "Your majesty!"  LOL, I don't really mean that...or do I?  *wink*

After the argument dust settled, Blake looked at me and said..."Mom, I promise never to date a girl like her. I will always care about what you have to say.  I love you and I trust you."

All I could think when he said that was that I had better write this down somewhere, maybe make a few posters and hang them over my desk to remind him of what HE said when he is old enough to 4 - 5 more years...and he brings home a crazy girl.  I will simply smile, then direct his attention to the "Mother Knows Best!" posters hanging on the wall over my head.  Look at him calmly and say..."Have a seat dear, we need to talk."  
As for my other son with the relationship issues I will say...

"I do not approve today, I will not approve tomorrow nor ever.  No one in this family approves, and we were really proud of you for moving on.  However, I do love you today, I will love you tomorrow, and I will love you forever.  Now use that brilliant brain that God gave you and stop all communications with this girl and her family.  Inappropriate!  Cut that tie...I have a nice pair of sharp scissors you can borrow...just saying."

Side Note:  Blake was playing a game of Scribblenauts on his computer while I was writing my blog.  He was on a scene where a heart was attacking a lady.  "Mom!  How do I stop this heart from attacking the lady?"  My answer..."Feed it some bad cholesterol?"  Haha, you should have seen the expression on his face.  

I hope you had a peaceful day planet, and have a great week ahead.  
"Love you mama."
  "Love you Blake."
Happy flowers.

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 "What is it Miss Lilly?"
 "I don't mean to interrupt your day dear, however, I AM BEING DOG NAPPED!!!"

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