Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013

My 365...

Would you like to know what makes this mama really...REALLY...happy?  Finding papers in Blake's binder with an "A" on them.  Yay Blake!  He is so brilliant, and is adjusting to public school really well.  I still wish he would not be so resistant to letting me teach him how to write in cursive though.  I am not ready to stop nagging yet.  I think it is so important to polish one's handwriting skills.  I love that we live in the computer technology/e-mail/Twitter/Facebook/"I never have to write anything on pen and paper" age, but in my humble opinion, handwriting is very important.  So there!

At least he is still very much the..."I love to run outside"/climb trees/ride bikes/skateboard/outdoor fun sort of kid, and not a total slave to technology and video games like many children are today.  There is still hope for this generation.  :)

As for me, I am adjusting to no longer being Blake's primary educator as well.  I still sit at my desk like an anxious puppy dog just waiting for someone to ask me to help them with homework.  It is a bit ridiculous actually...lol.  I love being the teacher.  The next thing you know I will be lining the dogs up trying to teach them to speak Latin or something.  *grin*

Hope you have an awesome day planet.  Until next time...work on your handwriting people!
"Come on mom, a quick game of dice before school...best two out of three."
 "I win, I get to hang out at the community center after school."
 "You win, I come straight home."
 "Dozer!  No dog interference!"
 "LOL, I win Blake!  Straight home after school dude.  Thanks Dozer."
61° degrees this morning!  Blake was so excited he had to wear a hoodie...over his shorts...for his ride into school this morning.  lol :) "Thanks for the hoodie Kori!"

***Doggy Daily***
"Thank you for your assistance this morning Dozer."

"You're welcome mama...anytime."

Music I am listening to today...Jay Brannan , Beautifully

Random Link of the Day...5 Minute Cookies and Cream Fudge

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