Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

My 365...

It is definitely time to get Blake a new bike helmet.  I rode with him to school this morning, to help him deliver his trumpet, and he refused to wear his helmet.  When we take long bike rides together, it is never an issue. He knows to grab his helmet or we do not leave the house. He never argues about it.  However, when it comes to riding the 2 miles to school...he refuses.  "It is not cool mom."

Now granted, I grew up before helmets were a thing, so I always rode my bike without one.  But I also grew up before seat belts were a thing, and remember driving down the highway sitting on mommy's lap..."Oh look at me, unrestrained, in a car moving really really fast...weeeee!"

Times have changed.

I hate arguing with Blake before school, as that would ruin anyone's day.  I am going to call the school and see if and when they offer bike safety sessions.  Wearing bicycle helmets need to be made law here in Idaho, so that discussing it would be a non-issue.  Then I could simply say..."Dude, it is the law!"

But it is not...

"Idaho smiles on bicycle riders, and even though the law doesn't require them to wear helmets, wearing one is strongly encouraged."

Really Idaho?  You smile on bicycle riders who wear helmets?  Gee thanks, my life is complete.  Idaho has smiled upon me.  Come on Idaho, make it law!

We made it to school safely.  This afternoon when he gets home, the discussion continues.  Only this time his two choices are helmet...or walk to school.  PERIOD!  If he wants to go to bed mad at mama, so be it.

Hope you are having a great day planet.  :)

Good morning sun.
 Morning ride.  Can you spot what is missing from this picture?
 Speedy trumpet delivery at your service.

 ***Doggy Daily***

A little morning camera hang time with the girls.

Miss Lilly...
 Miss Stella.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Tom Odell , Grow Old With Me

Random Link of the Day...Speedy Recovery Charles Trippy!  He is having brain surgery in Boston today. Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.  *love*

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