Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

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Out with the old, and in with the new, life is a series of constant changes.  Some changes are welcomed...others, not so much.  And it goes on...and on...and on.  Whether or not we are ready, whether are not we can let go, life does goes on.  Life has its own schedule.

If you smart, you won't fight it.  I have faith enough to believe that everything happens for a reason.  The key to life is having open eyes and an open heart to receive the messages that life sends you whenever change occurs, and realize that perhaps it is for the best.

Oh don't get me wrong, life changes can royally suck sometimes too.  When those changes happen, I like to think that it may be the collateral damage from someone else's change.  Hopefully they received their message loud and clear, and I have the strength to deal with what comes.

Look for your silver lining.  It is there, it always is.  Somewhere down the line you will realize, that all is well and things are simply going according to plan.

And remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. ~~OR~~  Just say "Aw hell no!"  Toss the lemons, order up some mangos and make a mango smoothie honey.  That is perfectly acceptable as well.  :)

Silver lining...Lemon = fruit, fruit = mango, mango = smoothie.  See?  You just need to know were to look.   And always remember, I love you, I love me, and I love the heck out of a good mango smoothie.

It is raining today.  I love the rain, and it is a chilly 53°f outside.  My first thought was, "Oh dear, Blake has to ride his bike home from school in the rain."  My second thought...."Blake LOVES playing in the rain!"  Oh believe me, he will come home complaining, moaning and groaning the "woe is me" song and dance, and milk it for all of its worth...but he will be smiling on the inside and saying to himself..."Damn that was a fun ride."  I may not hear those words coming out of his mouth...but I will be able to see it in his eyes.  Moms know. We just do.  Besides...mama rode home with him in the rain, so no complaining okay?

Hope your day was full of silver linings planet.  They are always there trust me on this one...you just have to open your eyes and recognize them.
A rainy Autumn day here in Idaho.

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