Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013

My 365...

It is official, I have become a blubbering, emotional old mom.  I am sitting at my desk, working on some client projects, and just the mere "thought" of one of my sons makes my heart smile and the tears come. Seriously!  I love them SO much it is ridiculous!  And I am so proud of all four of them.  Even when I think of Kori, Amber, Cooper or Penny...I start to cry.  I am such a mush.
What the heck Veronica???

It has to be perimenopausal hormones right?  Nah...I am just that damn crazy about my family.  *love*

I need to get out and start riding my bike during the day when Blake is in school, but the boys don't like it when I go out alone.  I think I may need some fresh air up in here.  Fresh Air = Chill Woman!  I will just put the ferocious diva that is Miss Lilly in my basket, and no one will bother me.  She can be scary that little dog-o-mine.  At least sometimes Blake lets me ride up to school with him in the morning, and he lets me meet him after school.

Have an awesome day planet.  Tell your babies you love them every single day.  :)
Well would you look at what the cat dragged in?  


I see so little of him anymore these days.  He is always on the go, and lately has been helping a friend move to Idaho City.  He finally came home yesterday, and I was sooooo happy to see him.
I had to take a few pictures...I never know when he will be home again!

Casey is my heart, he really, truly is.  He is such a loving, sensitive, strong young man.  I really miss him when he is away.

"I love you son."

And guess who was late coming home from school again yesterday?  And this after I rode my bike to school to help him with his trumpet.  He forgot something at school, so I told him to ride back, get what he needed, then come straight home.  Easy enough right?  Not for Blake...too many distractions.

Over an hour later, he finally makes it home.

"No honey, a flower won't make it all better."

 Not even if you add some trumpet music.
 Silly Blake.  He is such a stinker!

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Music I am listening to today...Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood , Can't Find My Way Home

Random Link of the Day..Oh you gorgeous chocolate you!.

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