Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013

My 365...

I really wanted to get up early and go to the Boise Capital Farmer's Market in downtown Boise.  I love riding my bike downtown, as there is so much to photograph.  Unfortunately, it only runs from 9:30am to 1:30pm, and when I woke up it was super windy and cold, and this mama was tired.  It is really hard to ride in 20+ mph wind let me tell you.  Especially on the way home when we have to ride up the bench. (the higher elevation in the city)

It is also hard for me to sleep when one of my boys is not home.  I know, that is ridiculous, but it is true.  Casey worked until 6:00am, so I set my alarm to be sure I was up because I wanted to welcome him home and hear all about work.  After he was home safely, then I could sleep...and I over slept.  I did not wake up until 11:00AM and with the weather being not so great, The Farmer's Market was out of the question.

But all was not lost.  It started to warm up, and the skies started to clear a bit later in the day.  Blake had been wanting to ride to Freak Alley to check out the street art, so we ended up having a pretty amazing biking adventure anyway.  We rode all the way to the Historic...and very haunted...Idaho State Penitentiary, Fort Boise Skate Park, all through downtown Boise, Freak Alley, dinner at Westside Drive-In , and our favorite spot on the Boise river.  It was a heck of a ride!  So even though we missed the Farmer's Market, we had a really terrific day.

We only rode 15.35 very windy miles.  That wind makes 15 miles feel more like 30!  I do love my weekend biking adventures with Blake. We had a totally amazing day...and I am exhausted! :)

Hope you had a great Saturday planet.

A few of my favorite pictures...
 A private home that looks more like a castle.

 Historic Idaho State Penitentiary.

 The Bishop's House.
 The Warden's House.
 Historic Cemetery.
 Blake getting his sk8te on.  Fort Boise Skate park.

 Freak Alley, Street Art.

 Westside Drive-In

 Boise Green Belt.

 Total Ride...15.35 miles.

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Music I am listening to today...Duffy , Rockferry

Random Link of the Day...Freak Alley Gallery

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