Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

My 365...

Oh Blake, what is a mother to do?  He was once again very late coming home from school yesterday.  He did call me the second school let out, and asked very nicely if he could hang out at the community center for a little while.  He had done all his homework the night before, so I gave him an extra hour after school to play basketball with friends.

When that hour was up, and he was not home, I called his cell phone to check on him and got no answer. Actually, there was no answer for the next 45 minutes!  When he finally did call, he told me he was having so much fun playing basketball, that he had lost track of time, and he did not answer the cell phone because he did not hear it.

"Straight home young man! Rawrrrrrrr!"  <---oh my, that even scared me.

He arrived 15 minutes later bearing produce.  Two Pattypan squash and a jalapeño from the community center garden. Because that is the best way to avoid being grounded by your mother...said no child ever.

He figured out pretty quickly why I insist that he come straight home from school during the week.  Getting home at almost 6:00pm on a school night, after playing hard in the community center = exhausted 12 year old who can not even begin to fathom having to work on homework before bed.  Yep...he crashed right after dinner.  Guess who had to get ip up extra early this morning to work on his homework?  You've got it! The mighty bearer of squash himself, Blake.

Silly Blake, he will figure this time management thing out eventually.  Right?  God I sure hope so!

Have an awesome day planet.  I will be going with Amber to visit with her pediatrician this afternoon so that I can help her with Penny.  My precious granddaughter Penny is getting her first set of immunizations, and mommy Amber is terrified of needles poor dear.  Grandma gets to be the bad guy.  I don't mind though, I am happy that she asked me to join her.

Until tomorrow...

Out with the summer, and in with Autumn.  I love Autumn, but I also love watermelons.  If only good watermelons were available year round.  I would be a happy camper.
This photo is from last night.  Blake trying to bribe me with produce.  He is such a stinker!
It is a rather nice looking produce parade.  Looks great in the photo next to Kori's Carnival squash.

In other news...look who came over to the dark side!  Son Garrett got a new camera...the Canon 20D. 

Garrett is all about Nikon, and over the past year he has certainly converted me into being a Nikon lover. After his Nikon D50 died last week (*moment of silence*) he felt naked without a good digital camera in his backpack.  Fortunately he was able to get an awesome deal from his best friend's dad on this 20D.  It is not a Nikon, but it is a pretty amazing camera none the less.  And good lawd is it ever heavy!  He does not have to worry about mama sneaking it away...I can barely hold the thing.

And I should probably stop teasing him about Nikon vs Canon thing since the Nikon died on my watch.  (*moment of silence*) 
And I should probably stop crying about the Nikon or my Canon is going to croak on me.  lol

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