Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

My 365...

Hello planet!  Hope you are having an amazing Saturday.  It was a cloudy and overcast day today, but the weather has been nice.  Temperature in the 70's.  A perfect day for a bike riding adventure.

Blake and I had a fun ride.  We almost made it 20 miles...19.77 to be exact.  We would have made it further, but the winds picked up and the temperature dropped literally 20 degrees when we reached the half-way point.  That was the perfect excuse to drop into WestSide Drive In for dinner.  I had a delicious veggie burger with artichokes, and some sweet potato fries.  Blake enjoyed a regular hamburger and some fried mushrooms.  The food was delicious!

Then the ride home..yikes.  It was so windy and chilly.  Fortunately I had thought to grab our hoodies before we left the house just in case it got cold.  Boy did it ever get cold.  It went from 74°f degrees when we left the house, down to 56°f degrees during our ride.  Brrrrr....  We made it home just after the sun went down.

It was an awesome adventure with my youngest son.  Tomorrow Garrett and I might go on a photography adventure if the weather holds out.  That should be fun.  I do love spending time with my boys.

Until tomorrow...

  When biking is not enough, he adds a little rock climbing.

 Half-way point...Blake was pooped!
 Some Autumn colors starting to show.

 Storm blowing in.
 WestSide Drive In for dinner.
 Veggie burger with artichokes.
 Sweet potato fries, and fried mushrooms.

 We ran into some deer in the middle of the city on the way home.
 Looks like I tired him out.  :)

A great day full of awesome.  :)

Total ride...19.77 miles.

***Doggy Daily***
My favorite Great Dane, Supra

Music I am listening to today...John Mayer , Clarity

Random Link of the Day..Maple Bacon Upside Down Cake

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