Saturday, December 4, 2010

Doggy Daily

Doggy Daily for December 4. 2010

Dozer napping on the bed with his puppies. One of his poor puppies is missing his eyes thanks to Supra! Supra "nom nommed" the eyes right off the poor stuffed animal, but Dozer still loves him. :)


Anonymous said...

What is it with dogs and the eyes on their stuffies? Our Husky, Katya, handles her "babies" so carefully -- except that she has carefully, almost tenderly, with one expert nip, snipped out the eyes on each one.
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Veronica said...

It is most curious, I agree. Dozer has taken care of these two stuffies for years, and never snipped anything off of them as they are his favorites. My son's Great Dane puppy has been with us for a few weeks, and in a matter of minutes that poor stuffed puppy was blind!

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