Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

My 365...

This is the Christmas decoration I have on my desk, a Christmas Yoshi, and teddy bear. :)

Hope your Monday is going fine so far.  Mine started out just after noon.  Yes, I slept in...but staying up until 4:00am reading another book was probably not the best decision I have made in a while.  My PocketEdge reader, with the lovely back lit screen,  makes it far too easy to read WELL into the morning from the comfort of my bed.

The book was great!  I read "Stuck in the Middle", by Virginia Smith.  I found the title as a free download on Pixel of Ink.  Yes, I love free books!  The book caught my attention as I am the middle child of three daughters.  I have an older and younger sister, sadly from whom I have become very much estranged. 

It starts out as a quirky funny love triangle between two sisters and the handsome doctor who moves in next store.  Halfway through the book, the story became very much a "Christian" read, which caught me a bit by surprise.  I am not one who frequents Christian book stores.  When I read a book I prefer to immerse myself in "fiction", romance, mystery and intrigue.  However, this book integrated the topic of "faith" and God quite well.  It did not turn me off, quite the contrary it left me feeling much better about life at a time when things are not so great.  It truly was a pleasant surprise, so thank you Virginia Smith!

I also discovered that the book is one of a three part series regarding the three sisters, so I can not wait to read the other two! 

Time to get to work for me on this very late Monday afternoon.

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